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PACE Technical

Case Study

PACE Technical is a leading managed service provider (MSP) in Ontario, renowned for its expertise in cloud configurations, cybersecurity, data privacy, and generalized IT services. They deliver comprehensive IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across various industries, including Legal, Manufacturing, Finance, Accounting, Non-Profit, B2B, and Construction.

Since 2004, Pace Technical has remained dedicated to meeting the increasingly complex technology needs of their clients, ensuring an unparalleled managed IT experience through the strategic recommendation and integration of top-tier applications, workflows, and systems aimed at enhancing productivity and eliminating client downtime. Backed by their ISO 9001:2015 and Microsoft Gold Partners certifications, as well as their consistent recognition from industry leaders, PACE Technical maintains their position at the forefront of the MSP industry, continually refining their methodologies, deepening expertise, and elevating training standards.

In 2022, PACE Technical merged with Vertex Solutions to reinvent the MSP client experience by strategically leveraging IT as a competitive advantage and lowering technology costs for clients. With their combined people, processes, and infrastructure, they provide high-value and sophisticated IT and cybersecurity solutions. Throughout the merger, PACE Technical upheld their commitment to providing high-touch, proactive care to clients. 

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The Challenge

After joining Vertex Solutions, PACE Technical approached Cubicle Fugitive to assist with their merger communications and develop a new, impactful brand for their company. Given the delicate nature of merging companies, a thoughtful and strategic approach was imperative for both undertakings.

PACE Technical and Vertex Solutions shared a deep concern over how their clients and employees would receive the news of the merger. With a history of being consistently recognized as a Great Place To Work, both companies were committed to preserving their exceptional workplace culture.

In launching a completely new brand, various initiatives were necessary to form a unified brand identity. PACE Technical required a new logo and visual brand design that could be implemented across their social media channels, stationery, marketing collateral, and website. Keeping brand elements from both original companies posed a significant challenge when creating unique visuals and messaging for their new brand. Cubicle Fugitive approached this challenge by first developing a comprehensive understanding of each existing company and their vision for the new entity.  

The Engagement

Cubicle Fugitive played an essential role in PACE Technical’s rebranding process during their merger with Vertex Solutions. We helped create a cohesive brand identity for the new company and implemented strategic communications that addressed employee and client concerns by offering transparent insights into the rationale behind the merger and the benefits it provided.

Working closely with both companies, our team designed a new visual brand and logo that embodied the merger of equals. The brand visuals included an updated colour palette, fonts, and design elements, with a distinct “P” used across all their applications to instill brand recognition.

Using the new visual identity for the merged company, Cubicle Fugitive created various materials to establish consistency across all branded content. These company materials comprised advertising and marketing collateral, social media channel post templates, PowerPoint templates, and stationary. We also redesigned their e-books to improve readability, enhancing their digital content offerings.

In addition to designing rebranded materials, Cubicle Fugitive developed a new website for the merged company. Following the completion of an in-depth exploration phase and a competitive audit, our team carefully crafted the website to cater to the diverse needs of various industries, incorporating the new brand visuals and messaging. The website also aimed to enhance clarity and accessibility for users, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

Following the development of the company’s brand identity and collateral, we then created an ad campaign to communicate PACE Technical’s IT expertise and commitment to fostering positive, memorable interactions with each client. 

The Strategy

Throughout the rebranding process, the objective was to create a unified and captivating brand identity that resonated with both internal and external stakeholders, effectively conveying the values of the new company. With this goal in mind, our team followed a comprehensive naming process in which we proposed several unique names for the new entity that encompassed the professionalism and innovation of both companies. However, it was strategically decided to stick with the name “PACE Technical” as it had substantial brand equity and strong search engine rankings.

After establishing the name, Cubicle Fugitive conducted an extensive investigation process with PACE Technical and Vertex Solutions, which involved internal interviews, material audits, competitive analysis, client interviews, and analysis of client feedback surveys and reviews. With a thorough understanding of both companies, our team devised a brand position for the new entity that highlighted the client and employee value proposition, featuring a revitalized visual brand and refined messaging.

Vertex Solutions’ clean, modern colour palette was selected to compliment the PACE Technical name when creating the brand visuals and logo for the new company. Their vibrant blue and yellow were accompanied by a few additional secondary pop colours that were added for visual interest. This visual identity was used across all stationary and marketing collateral, as well as the new website.

When developing the website, the results of our in-depth exploration phase and a competitive audit led us to make informed decisions on what to include. The website was meticulously designed to inform and engage users on the IT services and solutions of the new entity, making it easy for them to schedule consultations. Engaging bios were created for each team member, and the company’s mission, vision, and values were clearly articulated across the “Who We Are” and careers pages. A dynamic resources module was also developed for the website, containing blogs, webinars, FAQs, a glossary of terms, and e-books that were each custom-designed to engage visitors and establish the company as a leading source of IT expertise.

Cubicle Fugitive then created a strategic communications plan for the merger, ensuring that the combined strengths and visions of both companies were effectively communicated to their audience. Engaging content was developed for their social media platforms, as well as a detailed press release. In addition to social media marketing, our team assembled an ad campaign that introduced the refreshed brand palette and incorporated clever and engaging copy, successfully articulating PACE Technical’s extensive understanding of IT challenges and their solutions. 

The Results

The result for PACE Technical was a cohesive new brand identity that effectively captured the profound expertise and shared values of the merged companies. The comprehensive merger communications plan was well-received both internally and externally, earning recognition from industry associations across North America. The marketing and advertising initiatives enhanced brand visibility, engagement, and perceived value, solidifying PACE Technical’s position as a frontrunner in the IT services industry. Cubicle Fugitive continues to support PACE Technical with their social media marketing initiatives, ensuring a strong online presence and effective engagement with their target audience. 

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