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MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton, LLP

Case Study

MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton, LLP is a business law firm located in Erie, Pennsylvania. For over 100 years, leading businesses and institutions have turned to this firm for bet-the-company litigation and commercial transactions.

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The Challenge

MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton, LLP engaged Cubicle Fugitive to evaluate their strategic plan, succession plan, and provide the firm with an ongoing marketing plan that could be implemented by the firm’s attorneys and Marketing Manager. The firm was so pleased with our audit and the recommendations put forth as part of the strategic marketing plan project, that they retained us to work on the firm’s brand strategy and web design and development project.

One of the areas of concern for the firm was the inflexibility of their current platform and lack of responsiveness from their previous website provider. The website also required substantial fees for ongoing maintenance, for which there were little value and support.

Having derived a keen understanding of the firm, their goals, and client value proposition from our original engagement, we got right to work reimagining, articulating, and designing the firm’s updated brand presence online.

The Engagement

MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton, LLP hired us to help investigate, articulate, and promote a brand position that is meaningful to current and potential clients, partners, and employees of the firm. We performed exhaustive research on the firm and its competitors to identify a significant, relevant, distinctive, and sustainable competitive advantage to guide decision-making and actions. Cubicle Fugitive also audited competitors’ websites, performed extensive SEO and keyword analysis, and consulted best practice industry research to help devise and articulate a brand positioning for the firm.

We not only helped the firm define their brand position, we also provided them with a comprehensive series of recommendations for launching their new brand internally and externally, crafted new headlines and advertising copy including a new tagline “the bench-strength to deliver”, wrote all new website content including the firm’s main content, history timeline, headlines, and join us content, as well as presented tactics for building awareness in Erie and surrounding markets. From there, we designed and developed a completely new, enterprise website for the firm that could be updated and maintained internally by their solo marketer. 

The Strategy

During our initial strategic marketing plan engagement, we had interviewed many of the firm’s attorneys to better understand the firm, their practices, and their goals for business development. With these insights in hand, we had a clear understanding of the unique value proposition they offered to clients.

For over 100 years, the firm has built up an impeccable reputation and extensive experience. Their attorneys have a depth and breadth of strength in all key areas of commercial law and can address any of their client’s business-legal needs. After careful analysis of the firm and its competitors, we understood that MacDonald Illig is Erie, Pennsylvania’s premier business law firm, one which works with their clients to provide the peace of mind that, if a business-legal solution is available, the firm will use its unrivaled reputation, astute and decisive judgment, and bench-strength to achieve a successful outcome.

From start to finish, we understood that clients can “expect more from MacDonald Illig” and therefore, our client should expect more from us.

We sought to deliver custom content that was as true of the people of the firm as it was meaningful and relevant to their clients. Cubicle Fugitive completely rewrote all the firm’s new headlines, firm content, career copy, and professional bios for their new website. Their headlines focused on highlighting their value to clients with “Your business is our passion”, “Legal solutions for your real-world problems”, and “Where business owners place their trust”. They not only live and breathe their client’s matters but have “the bench-strength to deliver.”

For each of the firm’s “who we are” pages, we crafted attention-grabbing headlines and meaningful copy about what a client can expect from the firm’s attorneys and personnel. We performed extensive keyword research to ensure the website architecture and content were optimized and intuitive to both users and search bots.

With a robust strategy and brand position in place, Cubicle Fugitive worked closely with the firm’s marketers, technology team, and website committee, to completely reimagine the site from the ground up. When it came to design, every detail was carefully crafted to ensure the website was as beautiful as it was intuitive. Wanting to capture the firm’s partnership with their clients as well as the attorney’s sharp and astute judgment, we created a visual style of overlapping swatches of color and dynamic angles for imagery. This is carried across the firm’s website and marketing collateral.

Cubicle Fugitive designed the new attorney bios to be as unique as the people at the firm and art directed new photos of the firm’s attorneys. Each of the firm’s attorney bios was rewritten to provide a genuine sense of who that person is and why a potential client would select them from a sea of alternatives.

With a desire to convey the depth of expertise and breadth of experience of the firm’s attorneys, we developed new client success and testimonial modules to allow their results to sell the value of the firm. With a long history and commitment to Erie, we created a beautiful timeline of their legacy as well as a module that enables news about the firm’s donations, sponsorships, and commitments to be easily digested in their “commitment to community” section. Finally, with a healthy bank of insights and worthwhile content for their clients, we developed robust articles, news, events, and resource center modules to ensure visitors can expeditiously find exactly what they want. 

The Results

The new brand strategy and messaging were met with extremely positive feedback and almost no edits – which is no small feat when considering the content needed to make it past a discerning group of attorneys.

The firm’s website was well received both internally and externally. It is also performing extremely well with increased users, sessions, page views, duration, and a decreased bounce rate.

Cubicle Fugitive has worked with MacDonald Illig Jones & Britton LLP since 2018 on a variety of strategic, design, and technology projects including brand strategy, marketing plans, content development and profile writing, website design and development, photography, SEO, social media strategies, and analytics and reporting. We continue to be the firm’s go-to partner for marketing, design, and development projects and expertise.

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